Benefits and Services
• Unique Revenue Sharing Plan
• Less profit lost to charges
• ATMs available for anyone
• Free Delivery
• Free Installation
• Free Maintenance
• Stocked ATMs
• We carry the ATM Insurance
• 24 Hour cash Access
• Increased customer traffic
• Instant cash availability


Automated Teller Machines

ATMs are the focus of our business. Delivery, placement, maintenance and support are all handled by Genom International’s friendly and professional staff, allowing you to reap the benefits of having an ATM on-site at your business location without any of the hassle. The only thing you need to provide is a power outlet!

Are you tired of losing 2%, 3% or even 5% or more of your profit to credit card transaction/swipe fees? Having an ATM in your business or store gives you the option to accept credit cards or not without having to lose valuable customers that may not have cash in hand. Even if you continue to accept credit cards, the frequency of their use will decrease due to the availability of ready cash.

Concerned about having an ATM on-site for insurance reasons? Don’t be. Genom International carries full insurance for all of the ATMs they place. Also, be sure to ask about our unique revenue sharing plan, where you can generate income just by having our ATM at your location! You start sharing in the revenue from the very first transaction, not some arbitrary number that most ATMs won’t reach.